Gardening: My Favorite Sign of Spring

For those of you that living in Oklahoma you know that sometimes the weather can be a bit lot ridiculous. It will be 70 in February and then snow two days later. So usually I try not to get too attached to the warm weather until I’m sure that it is here to stay. The one thing that makes me finally accept that the cold has gone and the warm sunshiny weather is here is gardening. That time of year when the ground is tilled up in our back yard, we make trips to the  local farmers market to buy seeds and plants and we can finally bring out our jorts and sandals and get our hands dirty.

It makes me so, so excited! Especially for all the fresh, tasty recipes that are in my future!

Now, Clary is in charge of the big garden at our house (with help from the rest of us, of course). This year we’ve planted carrots, lattice, kale, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, all kind of peppers, and onions. (More on that later). We all help plant and till but Clary is the harvester.

My favorite thing to plant are herbs! Last year I tried to plant my herbs in the big garden but they did not fare well.. So this year I decided to plant them separately in a few planters that way I could keep a better eye on them. I also planted strawberries which I am SO EXCITED about (hello, strawberry jelly). Here’s a little peek at my mini herb garden. If you can’t tell, I’m a little bit proud of it :)

20140427-210120.jpgSurveying the wonderful mess


20140427-210101.jpgPurple Basil







They have all made so much already, we are having trouble keeping up!

Here are some of my favorite recipes that I want to or have made with all my lovely garden goodies:

Basil: bruschetta all day long

Parsley: (we haven’t really figured out what to do with all the parsley.. any suggestions?)

Cilantro: fresh salsa (like this recipe), on top of these tacos, cilantro lime rice (that you can then use on burrito bowls)

Rosemary: this pretty looking olive oil, these yummy beans

Can’t wait for more veggies to come for even more delicious recipes!


It’s hard work digging all those holes.

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